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You will find below commonly asked questions regarding the new Harlequin HeatStream range. If you're question is not listed, please get in contact with our support team who will be happy to help.

Yes, it can absorb an uncontrolled heat source in it’s Triple range of products. The Harlequin HeatStream Triple can also be connected to a gravity circuit.

The Heat Transfer Coils which provide the heart of the product are manufactured using only a high quality 316 Stainless Steel. The coils themselves have been designed to maximise heat transfer and have an unparalleled heat transfer surface area.

As with plastic pipes, we believe that Polypropylene is a much more suitable product for hot water storage, and it also lets us produce a better designed hot water storage shape, more compact, square and much more ergonomic design.

No, it will produce similar flows to that of an Unvented Cylinder, and at similar pressures.

No, the Harlequin HeatStream incorporates a static heat transfer medium in order to ensure that no header tank is required, thus utilising the best parts of an Unvented Cylinder and Thermal Store. The Harlequin HeatStream also operates at temperatures similar to an Unvented Cylinder, thus reducing costs compared to most Thermal Stores.

The Harlequin HeatStream utilises mains water pressure to produce pressurised hot water, instantaneously through a high surface area extraction coil.