HS 200 Twin

HS 200TW

The Harlequin HeatStream brings a revolution in Hot Water Storage.  A Heat Storage Tank which produces Mains Pressurised Hot Water without all the drawbacks of traditional Vented. Unvented Hot Water Storage Cylinders or Thermal Stores.

The Twin range come in 2 sizes 200 and 250.


Effortless - The system produces mains pressurised hot water without all the drawbacks of traditional vented, unvented hot water storage cylinders or thermal stores.

Endurance - Heat transfer fluid is enclosed within the most suitable material, long lasting non corrosive heat durable polypropylene.  This also makes the system tough and robust reducing the impact of shipping and storage mishaps.

Design - A more convenient square footprint shape,  especially where space isa premium.  All systems can fit easily through a standard door width.  More hot water storage potential within a smaller footprint.

Versatility - The range is compatible with electric, oil, gas, solar thermal heat sources.


An extremely easy and safe installation!

Simply fix the connections conveniently located at the top of the tank, fix the overflow, fill the tank, connect the immersion heater and temperature thermostat through an easily accessible housing and move onto the next job.
Produces Mains pressurised hot water on demand

Safe, quick and easy installation

25 Year Warranty, peace of mind for a generation (terms and conditions apply)

Low heat loss due to high levels of insulation

No pressure test certification required to install the system

System shape can fit neatly into many locations and through a standard door width

Easy installation of a secondary return system

Tough and durable plastic casing reducing impact of shipping and storage mishaps

Non-corrosive polypropylene storage tank

Top positioned premium Boost Immersion for ultra fast heat up

Variable thermostatic mixing valve which can prevent water exceeding 45°C at outlets

Immersion & thermostats protected behind durable protective covers
HS 200 Twin
Width: 520mm
Length: 520mm
Height + Fittings: 1,650mm
Empty Weight: 53kg
Filled Weight: 255
ErP Rating: B
Standing Heat Loss: 52W
Heat up time 60°C:(test start temperature 15°C, Coil 1) 24mins
Heat up time 65°C:(test start temperature 15°C, Coil 1) 33mins
Heat up time 70°C:(test start temperature 15°C, Coil 1) 42mins
Dedicated Solar Volume 100 Litres
Outer Tank Polyethylene
Inner Tank Polypropylene
Internal Coils Stainless Steel
Immersion Heater 1x Top Mounted 3kw Immersion Heater
Hot Water Coil Inlet/Outlet Connections 22MM Pipe Tail
Coil 1  Inlet/Outlet Connections 22MM Compression
Coil 2  Inlet/Outlet Connections 22MM Compression
Overflow 3/4"F
Hot Water Coil Operating Pressure (max.) 3 bar
Coil 1 Operating Pressure (max.) 3 bar
Coil 2 Operating Pressure (max.) 3 bar
Insulation, Sides & Bottom 60mm
Insulation, Top 120mm
Warranty 25 year tank body, 2 year internal components
Draw Off Volumes 
60°C Core Temperature 188L
65°C Core Temperature 228L
70°C Core Temperature 281L
15 litres per minute flowrate & usable hot water above 40°C .