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Benefits of the Harlequin HeatStream

  • Produces Mains Pressurised Hot Water instantaneously when required.


  • Manufactured using materials which are more suitable for long lasting protection against corrosion .


  • At it’s core, Harlequin HeatStream produces high transfer surface area leading to unrivaled heat up and reheat times – More Hot Water When You Need It.


  • Designed with high insulation levels leading to exceptionally low Heat Loss characteristics.  All tanks are ‘B’ rated for heat loss.


  • Harlequin HeatStream can easily store many different types of heat inputs including uncontrolled heat sources such as multi-fuel stoves and renewable energy sources such as solar thermal (Twin & Triple ranges).


  • High Temperature Heat Output due to the large surface area extraction coil.


  • Harlequin HeatStream design ensures a market leading space saving square footprint shape, better utilising space for water storage, a verstile shape suitable for more locations.


  • All Harlequin HeatStream products are designed to fit through a standard door width, even the 600 litre system.


  • Easy to install simply connect to the connections conveniently located at the top of the tank (exludes Triple range), fix the overflow, fill and move on to the next job.  No need for complicated pipework at awkward levels and angles.


  • Harlequin HeatStream comes with a top positioned Premium Boost Immersion for ultrafast Heat Up.


  • Tough and durable polyethylene casing reduces the impact of shipping and storage mishaps.


  • 25 Year Warranty, peace of mind for a generation
Assy Coloured Pipe Set.25