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The Harlequin HeatStream introduces a revolution in Hot Water Storage.  The product has been uniquely designed to produce Mains Pressurised Hot Water, without the drawbacks Vented/Unvented Hot Water Storage Cylinders and Thermal Stores create.

Designed with a high heat transfer coil on both the heat up and draw off points, the Harlequin HeatStream is a very simple but reliable system.  Heat Transfer Fluid is enclosed within the most suitable material, long lasting, non corrosive, heat durable plastic; additionally in the most convenient shape for both the installer and consumer.

Available in a full range of sizes, the Harlequin HeatStream starts at a compact 150 Litres model, right up to a substantial 600 Litres.  Fulfilling any heat requirement, the Harlequin HeatStream is available in 2 space saving square footprints, 515 or 780mm; a real benefit for those applications where space is at a premium.

The range of 18 products is capable of absorbing, electric, oil, gas, solar thermal, heat pump and solid fuel heat sources.  The Harlequin HeatStream ‘B ErP Rated‘ systems are available in Direct and Indirect, with an additional Twin and Triple ranges designed to easily accommodate multiple heat sources meeting any consumers needs.